C-Forms [Surveys]

C-Forms help the organization on conducting surveys or polls within the organization so that right decisions can be made keeping in mind on what and how his employees think. This also will help in conducting surveys with customers to improve customer satisfaction.. Right report on survey helps the organization in bringing the right change in the organization to grow further. This module will also further extend to taking online exams within the organization so as to keep the knowledge updated with each employee.

Features include

  • Create Custom forms. (Surveys , Polls, Feedback Forms )
  • Create Complex forms by linking answer options to new forms. So when user selects that option as his answer then he is requested to fill up next form.
  • Approve forms before it is published, so that it can be verified before it is published..
  • Define Publish date and expiry date of a form.
  • Copy Forms. (Reusing the same form)
  • Send form fill up request to either all users of the location or Business unit or to specific users.
  • Send form fill up request to Customers registered in C-Care.
  • Send form fill up request to other email ID’s. Users not available in C-Desk or C-Care.
  • Take excel report of the forms any time after it is published.
  • View individual form as answered by a individual.
And many more features to come.

Help Desk

This is a comprehensive tool for the organization to manage all service requests, not only to the IT department..

General Features

Features like linking the service request helps inter-department communication on a particular service request.

Customer Care

The customer care module takes care of all service requests / complaints coming from the customer.

Vendor Service Portal

This module takes care of all service requests / complaints managed by vendors.

Manage Asset

Asset management covers the complete lifecycle of the assets,not only IT assets, but any kind of assets in the organization.


Projects and tasks cover task management of each individual employee , and also takes care of managing projects...

Voucher Management System

Users can Create different types of voucher Like Outstation Travel, General Expense vouchers, Etc.

C-Forms [Surveys]

C-Forms help the organization on conducting surveys or polls within the organization so that right decisions....

Photo Gallery

Events, photo and Video gallery helps to publish the upcoming events and view the past events. Photo and Video gallery...

Knowledge Base

Upload all information to the knowledge base like your organization forms, templates, study material, policies ..etc

Active Directory

Active directory authentication helps to integrate users of the domain to the application.

Mail Flow System

C-Desk Supports mail flow system and SMTP protocol. This helps the users to remain updated on their work and organization.

Taskbar Notifier

You need not logged in to be notified about every update within the Organisation. The Notification is displayed on your screen about every important thing.

Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum is a great place for the people of the Organization to talk about new Ideas. Topics can be initiated by anyone in the Organisation.


C-Chat is online service, that provides communities of users with a common interest to communicate in real time.

Email to Ticket Conversion

The Email TO Ticket is a feature of C-Desk which is very useful for customer complaint handling.


Web Active Directory is the same as an Active Directory Authetication. But it's in a User-Friendly Web Browser Format and they can easily create and manage users from the browser.