Email to Ticket Conversion

Email to Ticket Conversion

Email to Ticket Conversion

This feature is included in the C-Desk application to cater to the user’s complaints and reviews. The user will be able to directly communicate with the organization regarding any issues they have just by an email. The system generates ticket based on the email which is given to them. The tickets generated help the organization to deal with the complaints efficiently.

are the features which are helpful to the users:

  • If the email’s subject sent to the organization contains C-Desk serial number then that email is put in the communication table and before putting it into the Communication Table it will check for any duplicates of the serial number if they exist in the communication table.
  • If the subject of the email does not contain unique SR number than the email-ID of the sender is matched with the email-IDs in the employee-user table.
  • a. If there are not multiple employee-IDs found similar to the one sent then the ticket is generated using that employee details and the category as others and Service type as others.
    b. If there is multiple email IDs found (there is only a single match) then the email remains in the Communication Table or are converted into a service request.
  • If employee number is not found for that email-ID then the email remains in the Communication-Table and the IT_Manager or Engineer can manually convert them to tickets and assign the department or category. Same is possible when multiple IDs are found for the same email-ID.
  • First thing which happens is that tickets are assigned the department or category and can be worked on easily by the users that are directly involved with the category.
  • Any email communication which happens in relation to the ticket generated always carries a unique serial number in their subject.
  • New mail option can also be provided when the users are not able to view the service request since they were not directly involved with that category or location.
  • Communications which are not required to be converted to tickets can also be deleted.
  • The IT Manager has the authority to view, change and edit or comment on all the SR which are generated.
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    Email to Ticket Conversion

    The Email TO Ticket is a feature of C-Desk which is very useful for customer complaint handling.


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