Upgrading C-Desk to next version

To update C-desk to new version perform following steps:

Step 1: Extract downloaded .zip file. Go to cdesk folder; copy all files and folders except folders ‘Download file’, ‘gallery’, ‘Uploadfile’ and web.config file.

Step 2: Go to IIS explore your C-Desk website.

Step 3: Replace all new files in your folder.

Step 4: Go to IIS again and browse your C-Desk application.

Step 5: It won’t show you login page instead ‘Version mismatch’ page will get loaded.

Step 6: Go to service.aspx to update database. Click on ‘Update Database’ button. After updating database successfully go to login.aspx

Configuration file changes for HTTPS

If you need to configure application over HTTPS, you should do some changes in Web.config File. Sample file is included in folder [filename Http-Web.config ]for your reference.

There are three changes in Web.config file..

1.Change all http addresses to https

2.In bindings [tag] you need to add

<security mode="Transport">

  <transport clientCredentialType="None"/>

3.In service behaviours

<serviceMetadata httpsGetEnabled="true" />

Please refer following link to configure multiple sites with SSL.


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