Hosting C-Desk Service & Application on IIS

Step 1:

1.Go to and login with your username and password.. or register your organization and get a username and password.. Go to download section and download the ZIP..

2.Unzip the folder to the drive.. Ensure that drive has enough space as if you use photogallary you may need space..You will find 1 Folder Cdesk

3.Note down your “License Key” after the registration.

Method 1: Deploy application with “Web Deploy” Tool

1.Go to your IIS manager.

2.Select yourwebsite to deploy application.

3.Select “Deploy” à “Import application”.

4.The “Import Application Package” wizard opens and shows the “Select the Package” dialog box.

5.In the ”Package path” box, Browse and select file from the location where you downloaded

6.The “Select the Package” dialog box resembles the following illustration:

7.Click “Next”.

8.The “Select the Contents of the Package” dialog box is displayed as shown in the following illustration:

9.Click “Next”.

10.The “Enter Application Package Information” dialog box is displayed as shown in the following illustration:

11.While “Web Deploy” installs the package, the “Installation Progress and Summary” dialog box is displayed. The dialog box shows a progress bar during the installation process. When the process is complete, the dialog box shows a log of what was done, as shown in the following illustration:

12.Right click C-Desk site and browse

You should get the page saying database not available since no database is yet configured. So go to service.aspx page manually from the URL. Refer "Creating and Configuring the database"section to proceed with deployment.

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