Method 2 : Manual deployment

1.Go to your “IIS manager” and add a site

2.Go to “IIS” and add website.. Or if you have web deploy installed you can directly import the application

Point the physical path to the C-Desk folder and define the Port. Or the host header value for your cdesk app

Similarly add new site for Cdeskapp and point the physical path to Cdeskapp folder. Use port 80 and provide the host name so that we can access the host from outside. Remember to open port 80 on your firewall and point it to the server. Also remember to add required DNS entries for the host name in your DNS setting at hosting panel.

Editing Web.config

Right Click the cdesk site created and explore

Edit Web.config

Edit the connection strings named wcfservic1 and wcfservic2 and modify the port and the IP address of your server.

Edit for both connection strings of wcfservice1 and wcfservice2

Go to the below section of service endpoints and also do the same modifications there

Do it for all endpoints

Modify all the client endpoints

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