FTP Settings

Provide FTP server details. This is used for photo gallery and is compulsory.. If you do not have an ftp server configured then you can configure the same on IIS. You need this if you are going to have multiple application layers installed at different location, then ensure that FTP server is accessible from all locations. Else if it is a single application layer you can have a local FTP server..

IF authentication has succeeded with the FTP server and data is submitted then you shall get authentication done successfully.

IP Address and Domain Settings

IP address and domain settings. Please provide the IP ranges for the users who are going to access knowledge base.

If you want users to access the knowledge base from external resource then provide IP as and subnet as and submit

Provide the domain name of the email id’s that are allowed to register. This function is kept so that employees do not register with their personal email ID’s. For users not having Email access from the organization can use @domainname.local

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