SMTP and URL settings

Please provide the SMTP server settings SMTP authentication settings here. Also provide the URL settings to access the C-desk application. this is used as a hyperlink in the mails sent by C-Desk. Leave it disabled if you do not want the Application to send mails to the users.

Webmail Settings

Provide access to your webmail server. If you are using exchange you can select Outlook web access. Or if you are using roundcube then you can use that. You can also use both if you have both installed in your organization and set one as default. Through a user is allowed to give his mailbox username and password manually once he logs on and can select which one of the two he is using. This allows auto logon to the webmail from the C-Desk Application.

Active Directory Settings

This is very important since employee can use same username and password to access this application. You are also allowed to put multiple entries if you have a forest with more than one domain controller or child domains. Ensure that you have access to the LDAP paths defined here. The IIS server needs the access to all LDAP servers in your organization. This also helps user to use the registration process.

Create Location and Office

Create the First location and the Office/Business Unit in that location. You can have multiple locations and multiple offices/Business Units in each location. This is made since the service request routes as per user location. So if the user requests for a particular service. Then the request is routed to the person assigned for that service category for that location.

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