Registration Process

We are now ready for the registration process

Ensure you have all locations and offices defined in the application (Go to manage locations) so that user can select right location, office and right department, designation while registering himself. Also ensure that the LDAP settings are provided for the domains where users are authenticating, so that he can use his username and password for the registration process.. For users who are not authenticating to any domain controller IT manager or administrator can create accounts from manage user and provide the user with the username and password..

For Successful usage of the application we would suggest first to get the users registered who provide services to other employees and whom we need to assign categories. Also register the IT Manager for all location and IT managers of Specific locations. Similarly register engineers for all locations and specific locations. Now before registering all other users create service categories department wise any service types. Also assign these categories to right people of right location. Now when user first registers and comes to the application he will have some data to register his service requests. Also we would suggest to have some KB data to be feed and some photo gallery album to be created with some pictures. This would bring interest to users to surf through the application. So create some general notice, some upcoming events if you have then feed that data..

Now for users who have account with the domain controller and the LDAP settings for those domains if you have done, then you can directly give them your application URL. They can put their username and password and application will verify the password from the right AD and pull the data from the domain controller and bring up the registration form. They will not have the key so not to worry; they shall get the key once they register will the application. Go through the snap Shots below..

Enter AD username and password

You will get redirected to registration page if you are not registered yet.

On successful registration user shall get his key..

Also if the user is already registered once. He can just put his username and password and the application will return with his key.

Now after registration, user can put his username password and the Key. And user will be on his dashboard after successful login. (If you are using only one type of authentication i.e. either AD authentication or SQL authentication then “key” textbox will not get displayed. If you are using both AD & SQL authentication then only “key” is mandatory.)

For users who do not have an AD account or his LDAP server is not registered in the application we can create a regular account for him from manage user. Go to manage users and click on create account.

Later on when the users LDAP server registered with the application a regular account can be converted to the AD Account from manage users.

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